t=0 | Celebrating MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Sept. 6th – 13th, 2014

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about t=0

t=0 is a week of celebration
for MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship

MIT is known worldwide for innovation and entrepreneurship. As students, we might go through all 4 years without knowing about some of the most exciting projects going on at MIT.

t=0 is an event and exhibition that brings together MIT student clubs, startups, organizations, projects and labs that are producing the latest cutting edge projects and startups for students to see. We have also gotten together a host of famous MIT speakers to discuss some of the compelling work being done across industries, and to share with students how they can get involved in the MIT innovation scene.

Sept. 6 - 13, 2014

Come together. Get Inspired.

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t=0 Innovation Nights (Mon-Thur 9/8-11, 7-9pm) and Saturday Expo (Sat 9/13, 10am-3pm):

Who are the next hottest MIT startups going to be?
Come see for yourself at Demo Day!

Who are the speakers?

Innovation & Entrepreneurship TED talks

Hear from innovative MIT faculty about the latest work they're doing in energy, sports technology, hardware, software, healthcare, and more!

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Annette "Peko" Hosoi

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Donald Sadoway

John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Chemistry, Department of Material Science & Engineering Co-founder Ambri Energy Night
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Anant Argawal

President, edX. Prof. MIT. Ex. Dir. Computer Science and Artificial Lab, MIT. A founder and board member, Tilera
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Neil A. Gershenfeld

Director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms
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Dr. Michael J. Cima

Professor at MIT
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Douglas P. Hart

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

More speakers to be announced!

Peek inside the coolest labs, learn about innovative MIT technologies, and get to know some rockstar MIT startups.

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